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  • Date:2021-07-15
Overall sewer planning, and formulation of staged implementation plans; handling of sewer construction and improvement engineering; and handling of private-participation BOT projects.
Section of Planning and Hazards Preventation<
Administrative plan formulation; budget compilation; hydraulic improvement; rain sewer construction and management; soil and water conservation planning, administration, and evaluation.
Drainage planning review; flood prevention and preparedness; disaster prevention and response integration, and disaster information design, maintenance, and management, and disaster prevention promotion, education, and training; innovation suggestion compilation and progress control; compilation of regular conference work reports; administrative planning and medium- and long-term planning; administrative performance reporting, and follow-up control and evaluation; reporting and follow-up control for city government-monitored projects; reporting and follow-up control for assembly-monitored projects; and case reporting of administrative results.
Section of Water Resources Administration<
Handling of enterprise water rights for surface water and groundwater; management of drainage water utilization applications; hot-spring and groundwater control; land subsidence prevention; review of hydraulic enterprise investigation, planning, and operation; relocation, capping, and invalidation of drains of all classes, and handling of permits for the addition of facilities or the planting of farm crops inside drains; and establishment of water resource surveys; and regional drainage patrols and enforcement, and imposition of punishments for violations, of the Water Resource Act.
Section of Hydraulic Engineering<
Establishment of regional drainage data and management of repair and maintenance; regional drainage improvement, planning and design of engineering and environmental rehabilitation engineering, and construction management; pumping station, sluice gate, and detention basin construction engineering; regional drainage dredge work planning and design, and construction management; regional drainage hydraulic structure inspection; regional drainage natural disaster emergency inspection (repair), and rehabilitation engineering; sale by tender of earth and stone from dredging work; and operating of a window for documentation related to water accumulation and inundation outside urban planning areas.
Section of Hydraulic Maintenance Engineering<
Stream data establishment, and repair and maintenance management; coastal levee area maintenance; stream and river improvement; detention basin operation and maintenance management; dredging engineering planning and design, and project management; greening plantation engineering establishment, and maintenance management; stream hydraulic structure inspection; stream natural disaster emergency inspection ( repair), and rehabilitation engineering; land acquisition for stream and river engineering, and implementation of relocation plans; land expropriation for stream and river use, land appraisal, and management of public land; operation of pumping stations, sluice gates, and other flood-control facilities, and maintenance management; issuance of cross-river structure permits; and administration of coastal levee areas.
Section of Sewerage Facilities Management & Engineering<
Sewer facility operation, maintenance, and management; private sewer approval and inspection; examination, utilization management, and inspection of sewer users’ drainage facilities; and establishment, analysis, and management of sewer information systems.
Section of Sewerage Planning & Engineering<
:Formulating of sewerage master plans and phased implementation plans;responsible for design,procuring and program management of sewerage constructions.
Section of Sewerage PPP & Engineering<
Conducting feasibility study and preliminary plan compilation, program management, construction quality review and inspection for completion, financial check, contract administration, coordination, administrative assistance, household connection obstacles solving, and relevant reviewing or auditing works for BOT (Build-Operate-Transfer)/ PPP (Public-Private Partnership) and recycled water projects etc.
Section of Slopeland Management<
Review and enquiry regarding delimitation of the scope of slopeland; review of the delimitation of designated conservation areas; assessment of slopeland utilization limits, and disposition of cases of use in excess of the limits; review and supervision of soil and water conservation plans for slopeland development and utilization; inspection, reporting, enforcement, and disciplinary action in regard to violations of the Soil and Water Conservation Act in slopeland areas; handling of enquiries and guidance regarding soil and water conservation service teams; and provision of assistance to slopeland patrol volunteers.
Section of Sewers and Drainages<
Planning, design, and construction management for storm sewer construction, improvement, and additional construction; establishment of data for storm sewer-related facilities; storm sewer maintenance management; and other types of sewer and storm sewer supervision and evaluation for district offices.
Administration Office<
(1)Handling of document, file, cashier operation, general affairs, and financial management.
(2)Handling of information, legal affairs, public relations, investigative study, comprehensive affairs, and assumption of control, allocation, and change in regard to land for hydraulic use; disposition of reclaimed riverbed land; cadastral management and public land management.
(3)Handling of real estate management and matters not under other agencies.
Accounting Office<
Compilation of budgetary estimates, budgets, and supplementary budgets, and implementation of annual budgets; handling of accounting transactions, accounting statements, and final accounts; and management of water resources statistics and statistical data.
Personnel Office<
(1)Handling of the organizational structure, contract personal recruitment plans, responsibility hierarchy, job position tabulation, personnel management, hiring and dismissal, transfer, staffing plans, and hiring of contract personnel.
(2)Handling of related matters; handling of leave, performance evaluation, rewards and punishments, training, advanced studies, and overseas travel and related matters; remuneration, employee benefits, insurance, retirement, death benefits, cultural and recreational activities, and personnel data and related matters.
Governmental Ethics Office<
In accordance with the Act of the Establishment and Management of the Government Employee Ethics Units and Officers, the main responsibilities of the Office are to foster government ethics, promote clean government, and maintain the security of the agency; also, in accordance with the stipulations of the Act on Property-Declaration by Public Servants, dealing with property declarations and handling of materials in review reports submitted by the public.