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The main rivers in Taoyuan City comprise the Dahan River, Nankan River, Laojie River, Xinjie River, Puxin River, and Shezih River, wherein the Dahan River is managed by the central government. On the other hand, there are nine rivers and 176 regional drainage systems managed by special municipality. The nine rivers are respectively the Nankan River, Laojie River, Shezih River, Guanyin River, Xinwu River, Dajyue River, Fulin River, Jiadong River, and Kengzih River. The total length of 176 regional drainage systems is approximately 508 km. Due to frequent bouts of extreme weather caused by global climate change, heavy rain has become increasingly threatening to the drainage systems and soil and water conservation. Confronted with four water environment challenges—water excess, water scarity, poor water quality and turbid water problem, the Taoyuan City Government’s Department of Water Resources (DWR) applies new technologies and civil resources, and with the innovative thoughts of building smart and livable city, and the concept of whole river basin management, cross-bureau integration is adopted, and diversified management, such as, flood diversion, flood relief, and flood detention are executed, Furthermore, the DWR is also dedicated to increasing the percentage of the sewerage household connection, promoting the reuse of reclaimed water, completing water resources circulation systems, creating river ecological corridors, and improving landscapes and services. Moreover, with the aim of no flood, no water shortage and being water friendly, Taoyuan is expected to be transformed into a smart city co-prospering with water.